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Japanese recipe and Western recipe

I like cooking. It is easy to find a good recipe if you search on the internet. I also use the internet to get a new recipe, but some of the recipes written in English make me laugh.

One of the funny things is that its portion looks huge to me. 2 cups of sugar, 4 large eggs, 1 cups of butter, 1and half cup of milk… many people is it for? Maybe it is just because we don't have much space in the kitchen in Japan, including the ovens, fridges, we are not very able to make big cakes.

Another thing is that the measurement of recipes doesn't sound very precise. It sometimes says like ‘a cup of flour' or ‘a cup of minced onion', I am always wondering if people can accurately measure with those instructions. It is easier when it comes to measuring the liquid with a cup, but it is not the same with powder or minced onions, don't you think? It very depends how fine you chop up the onions.---And the measure cups are not the same, the standard cup must be 200ml in Japan, while the one is 250ml in North America.

Thinking about Japanese recipe, it is more precise and caring about every single details, sometimes it's too much, though.

Most of the ingredients are explained by weight unless it's liquid. Sometimes it says ‘a medium sized onion' or just simply ‘an egg', but if you search on Google, you will find the definitions such as a medium-sized onion must be about 200g, an egg should be 50g without its shell.

The Japanese recipe mentions the small details as well. You can find the explanation like, "slice the cucumber as thin as 2 mm" or "make 12 pleats with dumpling skins….I appreciate they want to make it perfect, but I think, some people try to work too hard.


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