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Are the Japanese special in Asia?

Last night, my boyfriend and I watched a film, called "Transsiberian ", which is an American film released in 2008. An American couple met a Spanish couple in a train from Beijing to Moscow, and the American wife found that the Spanish guy was a carrier of illegal drugs….

It is a good thrilling story with a lot of twistings. How it looks like inside the trains and how they treat the passengers, looked very realistic in communist countries such as China or Russia. If you like suspense or crime actions, I recommend it, also it's enjoyable for people who love train trips.

In the end, the American couple was chased by Russian guys self-called as ‘detectives'. The husband yelled to one of the guys who was about to kill them, "We are Americans!", of course, which didn't help them anything in the middle of nowhere of the snowy wood.

Why did he have to shout, "We are Americans"? I guess that he wanted to say, "We are not the same as you, because we are someone special here. We shouldn't be treated like this!" I am not insulting American people, I mean, there are some people anywhere in the world, who believe that their passport is as useful as a magic lamp. Actually, it sometimes is, but not always.

It made me laugh because it reminds me of some of the Japanese whom I met in China or Hong Kong, and who are thinking that they are special people in Asia.

The Japanese economy is still stronger than other countries in Asia, even though they had some difficult periods in these decades. There are lots of Japanese people living in China or other Asian countries, and some of them are so arrogant.

It is easy for them to misunderstand that they are some special people there, with expensive accommodation and salary which is more than enough to live, even sometimes with domestic workers, they are all supported by their companies. They can have luxurious lives there, but once they go back to Japan, most of them live in small houses which they have to pay the mortgage of, have to be squeezed in a train to commute, and stay in the office later than their bosses.

When I was working in a Japanese restaurant in Hong Kong, they were very rude to my local colleagues. However, they always became very nice to me as soon as they knew I am a Japanese who looked like a Chinese with fluent Cantonese. I always wanted to ask to them, "Who do you think you are?"

It is easy for me to imagine, if they have some trouble in the middle of nowhere in the Taklimakan Desert, they would cry to the air, "I AM A JAPANESE---!"


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