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What does "Kawaii" mean? Why do people love "Kawaii" things?

"Kawaii" is one of the most commonly used Japanese words. When you hear conversations of Japanese people, you must spot it more than once.

"Kawaii" originally means "cute", supposed to be used when they are describing something small or little, such as a baby, a small animal, etc. However, it is more than that now.

People can describe almost everything "kawaii", just meaning ‘cool' or ‘I like it!'. There are "kawaii" men, "kawaii" elephants, even "kawaii" Shinkansen…

Japanese people like this word, "kawaii". It sounds a little feminine, so more women use it than men do.

Sometimes I am wondering. What does it mean? Why people like "kawaii' things, which is supposed to be small or little and cute.  Why being "kawaii" is a good thing in Japan? Is it the reflection of the fact that people like something unmatured rather than matured things?

Japan is a male-centered society, its politics and business are dominated by men. I could say, lots of Japanese men want their women to be obedient and thoughtful. Their ideal women don't have to be intelligent and independent, don't have to have better academic backgrounds, don't have to earn more money than they do. So they may be comfortable always being surrounded by "kawaii' things and people.


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