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Who am I?

When I was little, I was always dreaming about getting out of Japan. My dream came true. I went to China to learn Chinese language and luckily I got a job in Hong Kong where I ended up spending almost 10 years.

Currently I live in Canada. And I started blogging in Japanese about my life a couples years ago. And then I started thinking if I could write some English blog...?

Lots of people asked me about Japan and Japanese people.

Japan and their culture, their way of thinking may seem unique or not easy to understand. Honestly I think so, too:)

So I am trying to write just like answering your potential questions.

Hopefully I could give you some tips which might help for understanding about Japan and the people, and you could find more interesting about them.


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What can we do to reduce single-use plastic in Japan?

According to the U.N., Japan is the 2nd largest generator of plastic packaging waste per capita in the world, following the USA. You will find lots of products beautifully packaged with plastic bags everywhere in Japan.

Why do I blog in English?

I have been blogging since 2015, talking about the life, languages, travel, wine, football and so on. All of them are written in Japanese. I didn’t have any idea to write in English until 5 days ago, because my writing in English is not good enough.

What made me change my mind was a small comment to one of my blogs.

Why did I start writing on "Medium"

A couple of months ago, I started writing in English which is my second language. I posted some blog articles on this platform "Blogger" which is one of my favourite blogging services. But I started writing on "Medium" two weeks ago.

Now I just want to write down why I started writing there, not here, and also where I am going to write in the future.