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Are Japanese people nice? : Two Japanese men arrested in Cambodia for murder of a taxi driver

March 17th in 2019, two young Japanese men were arrested in Siem Reap province. When I read this news, I thought that Japanese guys were killed, but it was not.

According to several medias, both of them used to be members of
self-defense force of Japan. They were trying to steal the car for a money-changer robbery, and then killed the driver.

They planned it in Japan, because they are in debt of 4 million yen, 36,000 US dollars. They decided to come to Cambodia, where US dollars are used frequently.

Japanese people reaction 

Cambodia and Japan have had a reasonably good relationship. On the Cambodian currency note, there is a bridge with a Japan flag which was built by Japanese support.

There are lots of Japanese people living in Cambodia. Among them, some people started donation to supports the taxi driver’s family.

Twitter moments: Two Japanese men arrested in Cambodia for murder of a taxi driver


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