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Are people nice in Japan?

Yesterday I went to have a colonoscopy test in Montreal, Quebec. In the hospital, the doctors were nice, but some of the receptionists were surprisingly rude. At the main entrance, the people behind the counter were very nice, but the people on the same floor of the treatment were not nice at all. They made me feel sick.

I had some experience in hospitals in Hong Kong and China and Japan, too. I thought I was treated reasonably well there, but I realized that I had been treated super nicely.

People are very nice in Japan. That is one of the most beautiful things in Japan.

There are some nasty people in Japan, too, but it is same in any country. Generally speaking, most Japanese are honest and kind. Especially people working in shops, hotels, restaurants, they basically are very nice and thoughtful, and in hospitals, off course.


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Now I just want to write down why I started writing there, not here, and also where I am going to write in the future.

What does "Kawaii" mean? Why do people love "Kawaii" things?

"Kawaii" is one of the most commonly used Japanese words. When you hear conversations of Japanese people, you must spot it more than once.

"Kawaii" originally means "cute", supposed to be used when they are describing something small or little, such as a baby, a small animal, etc. However, it is more than that now.

Where I came from and Where I am going

I was a child who spent lots of time daydreaming. My parent’s house was built in the middle of rice fields. It was a little far from the main town in a rural area in Japan. Because I didn’t have any friends living nearby, I was always alone in the garden where the strong aroma of gardenias made me feel dizzy.