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I Self-Published my First English Book

I have self-published some books in Japanese before, but this is the first time to publish a book in English. I am so happy to achieve this!

I started blogging and writing in Japanese in 2014 as a free-lancer but I didn't write any articles in English until last year. Though my English writing was not so good, I suddenly had the idea of becoming an English writer.

>Why I am writing in English, even though it's not my native language

Then, I chose Medium as a platform to practise my English writing as a second language. My final goal is written in this article below:

>The Real Reason and My Target for writing on Medium (Medium)

Now, I feel that I can write more easily in English and I hope my progress won't stop. I want to self-publish more books in Japanese and English.

Book writing is not the same as blog writing or article writing. My English book that I published this time was based on the stories which I had posted on Medium. I collected the stories and edited them…
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We are lonely beings. If you have a partner, you may think that your love will last forever but the reality is that you will die alone or your partner will die alone unless your partner and you die at the same time. Either your partner or you will be left behind and you will be alone after all.

From the window of the bus #973, Tsim Sha Tsui East - Stanley: a short trip to Hong Kong

Stanley is one of the most popular spots for tourists in Hong Kong. It's located in the southern part of Hong Kong Island. There are lots of Western style cafes and bars. You can enjoy the sea breeze and drinks after shopping at the Stanley market.

The situation in Hong Kong not so bad, maybe during weekdays: our short trip to Hong Kong

We arrived in Hong Kong yesterday. The biggest concern was around the ongoing Hong Kong protests which have been going on since this summer.Despite our worries, the city of Hong Kong looks calm. It may be because we are staying only weekdays and they more often have protests during weekends. However, when we walked through the subway in Tsim Sha Tsui district, which is one of the most popular areas for tourists, we saw lots of torn posters on the wall -- my photo is not very focused, though.  

It was reported that an explosion happened on the day before yesterday in Mong Kok which is not very far from our hotel.

***Last night we joined the evening cruise in Victoria Harbour. We got on the boat at 7:55 from Tsim Sha Tsui ferry pier. The symphony of lights--lights and sound show--stared at 8. It was raining when we arrived at Hong Kong airport, but it stopped raining before the evening…

Hong Kong Trip with my Mother from Japan

I am planning to go to Hong Kong with my mother. Yesterday I asked her how much money she was going to take. She said that she is not going to bring much cash this time and that she is going to use her cards. I asked her about the money in advance just to make sure because we had a little crisis when we went to Vietnam last year.

Travel from Japan to Hong Kong after the Super Typhoon

I am going to Hong Kong tomorrow. The situation there is a bit tricky at this moment, but I need to go to update my Hong Kong status as a permanent resident.

I had a haircut in Japan

Medusa is a mythical creature in Greek mythology who has snakes instead of hair. Anyone who looks at her eyes turns into stone. My hair used to be like her hair.

I have been living outside of Japan for more than 15 years, but I never had a haircut abroad. I always have my haircut in Japan when I go back.

I have thick black hair. After it gets longer, it becomes automatically curly --like snakes. I hadn't had a haircut for almost two years this time. When it got wet after shampooing, it was like wet and twisting heavy seaweed which has just come out from the sea.

I went to the same hair salon which I go to every one or two years. My hairdresser who is a bit of a famous hair designer in my hometown still remembers me. After I sat down in front of the mirror, I said to him,

"Could you cut it boldly, please?"
"Boldly? Are you sure?" he said to me in the mirror.

I said, "Yes, please." He said,
"But you have beautiful wavy hair."
"You said th…

Super Typhoon is coming to Japan

Every year I come back to Japan around this time of the year, October to the beginning of November, and it is one of the best times to visit Japan. The temperature is mild and you can enjoy the beautiful autumn leaves if you are lucky. It is the best season for food and Sake (Japanese rice wine)  as well. I always enjoy all of these things at this time of year usually, but it is not the case this year.

Japan Airline's Children Seat Icon causes Some Discussion Overseas

Today, I read about Japan Airlines who have added a feature to their seat maps which tell you that when a seat is reserved for a passenger with a child (infant) up to two years of age.

Why I am writing in English, even though it's not my native language

English is not my first language. I was born in Japan and I grew up in Japan. My parents are Japanese and they don't have any idea about other languages, but Japanese even to this day.

After the 100 Haiku Writing Project

I started my 100 Haiku poetry project in English on the 20th of July and wrote the last one on the 16th of September. It means that I took about two months to create 100 pieces of Haiku poetry, which is not bad, is it?

Why do I write Haiku poems in English, not in Japanese?

Haiku is a style of poetry which is originally Japanese. Children in Japan have to learn the basic knowledge of Haiku poetry and some of the most famous pieces of ancient Haiku poets at school. I also learned some Haiku poems in Japanese classes, but I never had an idea to write it myself. The funny thing is, I just started writing Haiku poems in English on Medium. 

The end of last year, I started blogging in English, here, on 'Blogger.' After a couple of months, I shifted my writing to Medium. And then, I realised that lots of English writers love Haiku poetry, which inspired me to try.

Now, I love writing Haiku poetry in English, even though I had never tried Haiku poetry in Japanese. I write a Haiku poem in English every day. If you are interested in, please visit my Medium Haiku project page.

>Haiku & Tanka 100 project

Also, I analysed why I prefer to write it in English rather than in Japanese.

>How is Haiku writing in English as a Japanese person

What and who is blogging for?

Blogging is not working anymore, or at least, it doesn't work as well as it used to. But, in Japan, there are still lots of people who start to try blogging.

It is clear that blogging is not as easy as before. Some top bloggers have already given up. They are shifting to other platforms such as YouTube.

Why aren't Medium and Patreon popular among Japanese? What is the most powerful social media in Japan?

I started writing on Medium in both English and Japanese in March 2019.
>Why did I start writing on "Medium"?

Medium is a blogging service, but actually, it is more than that. They say it is a network where you can connect to the people and writers to communicate and discuss. What makes it unique from other social media is that there is no advertisement on it, although you can write for free of charge. How they make money is they charge on readers. You can read all of the posts on it for $5 per month.

I also have registered on Patreon, which is a platform supporting creators, a kind of crowdfunding. I can post my articles on this platform as well, just like a blog, and there is no ad, either. I think both of these platforms, Medium, and Patreon are quite nice and useful. Especially like Patreon, there are not many support systems for all kind of creators as long as I know. In fact, there used to be a platform similar to Patreon in Japan, called "CHIP," which didn&…

Where I came from and Where I am going

I was a child who spent lots of time daydreaming. My parent’s house was built in the middle of rice fields. It was a little far from the main town in a rural area in Japan. Because I didn’t have any friends living nearby, I was always alone in the garden where the strong aroma of gardenias made me feel dizzy.